Dubstep Penguins: We Wuv Wub

Dubstep Penguins: We Wuv Wub is 2.5D Action Platformer that places you in the shoes (or flippers rather) of a cute little penguin named “Wub”. Wub discovers a pair of headphones and a set of speakers on the shores of Antarctica and his ears are blessed by the sound of Dubstep, which then prompts him to spread the love as much as possible. Using the heavy bass as a propellant you fly Wub around the world indoctrinating other penguins and fighting off polar bears. In this game there is no “defeating” enemies, you show your enemies how awesome your music is and they become part of your group of fans following you throughout the level.

This game was created by 5 people including myself over the course of about 8 weeks using the Unity engine. 

  • Fast paced  difficult to master flying.
  • Awesome dubstep soundtrack.
  • Cute, eclectic adventure.

There was a great deal more imagined for this game that was never fully developed, I would like to revisit the concept someday in the future though as I feel it has a lot of potential.You can try the game out by downloading it here.