Mack Vs. Windows

IGF 2012 Student Entrant
IndieCade 2012 Entrant 

In Mack vs. Windows you play as one of the world’s worst (and clumsiest) interns, Mackenzie, at a science facility filled with all sorts of gadgets to destroy the universe. In a freak fetching accident she blows up the universe. Now it’s up to her to avoid the blame of this horrendous event by escaping her boss’ reprimand.

Shift, Slam, and Slide windows around on the screen to solve puzzles and get to the exit. Use the force of the dodgy physics of this broken universe to smash your way to victory in this 2.5D Puzzle Platform adventure about shifting blame, silly science, and super jumps.

I almost feel bad about using the same text as the other website but I wrote it so I suppose I can steal that. This game I felt had a lot of promise and unfortunately it did not garner much attention from the IGF unlike the previous two DGE teams, but hey there is always next year. The game was a success in my opinion. On this project I wore many hats, I was Team Lead and Lead Designer. It was one of the largest productions I have worked on with nearly 20 people working on the project. If you’d like to play it you can download it on the website I linked earlier, oh look I did it again.