Consider the Capstone bar raised:Suits is my senior capstone project a built in UDK, developed with 7 other students. ┬áThe game basically does what no one has taken the time to do yet – make a game that which emulates the experience of creating a successful heist in a Casino. If I were to give it an X Statement, I would say “Think Ocean’s Eleven, the game.” This Co-Op Con game sets you and some other players up against one of the most difficult to pull off heists imaginable, and you have to use whatever tools you find available to you to make this happen. It’s sort of like a giant puzzle, with several layers to get past. The genre would be “First Person Cooperative Stealth”, you need to work as a team to be able to get in and get out with the prize alive. You can find out more information as well as download the game at

My involvement on this project was working with the other designers on Gameplay and Level creation, Visual Design direction, and a majority of time spent on UI Design / Development using Scaleform 4. (As well as integrating many of the opening scenes and finishing touches on the game to give it a full game feeling).

Below is a trailer and a gameplay video of this game in its most current state.