Featured at SIGGRAPH 2012 by DePaul and will be at ISMAR 2012
Also a main entrant in IGF 2013

Mechanice emerged from one of a bunch of small prototype toys DePaul students and I made in an effort to invent simple but appealing play mechanics with AR. We discovered that investigating virtual hidden content around the surface of a physical cube with a handheld device was fun and intuitive to do. To enable a richer interaction and leverage more of the affordances of AR, we developed the toy into a game in which the player could not only inspect but transform and push the virtual cubes around the physical cube.

My involvement on the project consisted mostly of designing how the game would play with the AR cube and worked together with some other designers in the initial conceptual gameplay and context. After the busywork with design was handled and the game was underway I also took up graphical designing on the game as well. I was the only designer left on the project through the last stretch though, in charge of whatever little things needed to be polished to get it out the door.

This project took about 3 months of actual development, though hardly full time, after a few months of prototypes and general learning with how to use Augmented Reality solutions. It was developed in Unity and will likely be seen on app stores in the near future.